Top 10 Venezuela Landmarks Travelers Talk About

Venezuela LandmarksVenezuela landmarks are as diverse as the country they are found in that borders the Caribbean Sea to the north and shares borders with the countries of Guyana, Brazil and Colombia. A rich history, traditions and a diverse culture make it stand out as one of those must see Central American countries. The top 10 Venezuela landmarks, in no particular order are:

1. The Angel Falls location in Canaima Park may make it tough to get to, as this World Heritage Site is located in a jungle and requires that you take the river to the base, but it is well worth the effort to see the world’s largest waterfall, with waters tumbling from 807m above.

2. Canaima National Park Venezuela is home to Angel Falls and boasts a size about that of Belgium. 65% of the park is rock, estimated to be millions of years old, with sheer walls and flat tops. Also see Indian villages, other lesser waterfalls, a lagoon and tons of unique flora and fauna.

3. Mount Roraima is the largest of all the Venezuela landmarks. It is the highest peak of the Pakaraima Chain of tepui plateau, featuring steep cliff like walls and a flat table like top. It is over 2 billion years old and features its own unique brand of flora and fauna as it overlooks the countries of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

4. On the northeast coast of the country is Mochima National Park comprised of both land and sea elements. See beaches, cliffs, gulfs, mountains and much more as you take to the hiking trails, go boating or check out the beautiful beaches.

5. Los Roques Venezuela is another National Park that protects the marine ecosystem that is full of coral reefs, sea grass beds and mangroves. It is the largest marine park in the Caribbean and is a mecca for fishing, sailing and diving.

6. Cueva del Guacharo National Park is a Venezuela landmark that is popular for its giant limestone cave. The cave is some 10km long and features large chambers with fascinating rock formations. The area also is home to over 350 different species of birds and it was the first national monument in the country, becoming so in 1949.

7. The Parque Del Este is a park in honor of Venezuelan hero Francisco de Miranola. The 82 hectares of the park is broken up into zones, one is forest, one is an open grass field and the third is paved gardens with water features and tiled murals.

8. Plaza Bolivar Caracas is another honor to a national hero, this time in a plaza form with a statue of the great Simon Bolivar, grassy areas and fountains.

9. Pico de Neblina isn’t technically in Venezuela, but because it is mere feet from the border it can be seen quite clearly from Venezuela, although this mountain peak is usually shrouded in cloud. It may be hard to get to, but like Angel Falls, it is certainly lovely to look at.

10. Medanos de Coro National Park is another Venezuela landmark and another park, this time featuring towering and ever shifting sand dunes. It is part desert and part coastal habitat with marshes and interesting flora and fauna. Here visitors can take camel rides over the dunes for a different sort of sightseeing adventure.