Top 10 Venezuela Vacation Spots

Venezuela Vacation Spots

Venezuela has long been a vacation hotspot for travelers from around the globe. The country is blessed with several thousands miles of Caribbean Sea beaches, incredible cultural and natural bounties, the tallest waterfall in the world, lovely islands and plenty of Venezuela vacation spots for families, couples and singles.

1. Canaima National Park – The park is the second largest in Venezuela boasting some of the rarest in the world geological features, table top mountains (tepui). The iconic attraction Angel Falls is set in the tepui environment, in the midst of the jungle and accessible only by means of air transportation and boats. Due to extremely challenging Park terrains, all Canaima National Park tours are led by the indigenous people of Pemon Indians who have been inhabiting the area for hundreds of years.

2. Margarita Island Venezuela vacations – Margarita Island is the largest island in Venezuela and is very often called the Pearl of the Caribbean. The island is known for its pristine Mediterranean beaches and tranquil blue and shallow waters, powdery sandy beaches and warm year round temperatures are perfect for best in the world windsurfing and kitesurfing, jet skiing and horseback riding. But it’s not only beaches that brings thousands of eager tourists, there are plenty of cultural affairs to explore, including Nueva Esparta’s capital Asuncion with its colonial architecture, shopper’s paradise Porlamar and sacred church at El Valle that is said to cure illnesses and bring happiness.

3. Los Roques National Park – It is a great place for day trips, family vacations and couples’ escapes and is considered along the premiere Venezuela vacation spots. Los Roques archipelago is a cluster of tiny islands scattered in the Caribbean Sea north of the capital Caracas. Out of the 350 isles, sand banks and cays, there’s only one populated island called El Gran Roque brimming with abundance of lovely beaches, great activities and interesting accommodation options like family owned posadas inns most of which are former fishermen’s houses remodeled to receive travelers arriving to one of the greaterst Venezuela vacation spots. There are plenty of activities here for windsurfers, fishermen, and beach combers.

4. Caracas – The capital of Venezuela despite its challenges of pollution, heavy traffic and crime is one of the popular Venezuela vacation spots in the country due to its cultural, natural and gastronomic attractions. Head to the Plaza Bolivar to see stately Bolivar statue, visit his former house and Bolivar War museum. The Central Park and Park del Este are great places to spend an afternoon to see its architecture, enjoy restaurants and nightlife.

5. Cuidad Bolivar – Cuidad Bolivar features the historical Plaza Bolivar. The plaza has four statues that represent the original republics of Gran Colombia. The city is a living museum under the open air with beautiful historical architecture, incredible Orinoco River scenery and cultural heritage.

6. Merida – The capital of the Merida State and the State itself are one of the most popular Venezuela vacation spots. The place is known for its rich history, great nightlife and beautiful Palmarito beach. Venturing on Merida cable car ride is a must taking atop of places of astounding beauty to reach the famous Mirror Peak at the end of the journey. Magnificent Sierra Nevada range slices across its territory providing enormous photo opportunities.

7. Guatire – This major city is on the shortlist of many Venezuela vacation spots located withing a close proximity to the capital Caracas. The city offers a wide array of activities for singles, married couples, and children. The city’s best hidden attraction is the Caracolito Beach known to the locals for its exquisite powdery white sand, azure waters and beautiful scenery.

8. Medanos de Coro National Park – Located in the State of Falcon, Medanos de Coro National Park is among unique vacation spots in Venezuela famous for its giant sand dunes and desert environment unusual for such a close proximity to the Caribbean Sea. The best way to explore the park is to employ camel riding services and local guides.

9. Valencia – As far as Venezuela vacation spots go, Valencia is a dream come true for all sorts of outdoor junkies. Whether you fancy hiking, mountain climbing or biking, the limit is the sky with Great Valencia outdoors. Great shopping and fantastic restaurants are awaiting their visitors.

10. Maracaibo – The second largest after the capital city in Venezuela with a loving nickname The Beloved Land of the Sun is located on the small strait that unites Lake Maracaibo with the Gulf of Venezuela. Maracaibo was once the epicenter of the independence struggle against the Spanish. Head to the Carabobo Street to see the highest concentration of colonial architecture in the country. Basilica of Our Lady Chinquinquira is the number one attraction for the locals and visitors.