Top 10 Venice Hotels on Grand Canal

Venice HotelsMost of the Venice hotels have amazing architectural designs that date back to ancient times. Although many received restorative facelifts over the years, they continue to display their full beauty. Once you decide on when to visit Venice, you need to make your accommodation arrangements. Luckily, you have several choices, with numerous options.

The top 10 Venice hotels on Grand Canal can be found listed below:

1. Hotel Centurion Palace – One of the hotels in Venice, Italy with an excellent location in the Palazzo Genovese, adjacent to the Grand Canal.

2. The Westin Europa and Regina Venice – Close to the top Venice, Italy attractions and designer shopping boutiques. You don’t have to go far to experience the best of Venice.

3. Bauer II Palazzo – Another luxury hotel with excellent service and within ½ mile of St. Mark’s Square. It is very intimate with few rooms and authentic Italian cuisine, served daily.

4. Bed and Breakfast Alla Vigna – A top B & B Venice, Italy pick for views of the canal and old-world charm. The rooms are a combination of rustic and traditional.

5. Londra Palace – One of the only Venice hotels directly adjacent to the Lagoon and just as close to St. Marks Square. It is unbelievably romantic and cozy without extreme amenities.

6. Centurion Palace – Named for ancient Rome’s coin. The design reminds you of the days of the emperors and the level of luxury matches the name.

7. Aqua Palace Venice – This is one of the Venice hotels to ooze elegance, sophistication and class. You can even arrange to have a water boat meet you each morning to take you around the city.

8. Ca’Sagredo Hotel – Located directly along the banks near the Grand Canal, snuggled between the Rialto Bridge and Ca’D’Oro.

9. Palazzo Sant Angelo Sul Canal Grande – This hotel is named for the Canal Grande because it sits right along the waterway. The views are undeniably gorgeous.

10. Hotel Monaco and Grand Canal – You will enjoy your stay here because the atmosphere is charming and the location is perfection. Just one glance from your window reminds you of the exceptional beauty that is Venice, Italy.