Top 10 Victoria Falls Facts

Victoria Falls FactsWhile planning a trip to Zimbabwe, Africa tourists will want to be sure to find the very best Zimbabwe tourist attractions. One of the most famous attractions is Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. There are many Victoria Falls Facts that guests of Zimbabwe will be interested in. The top ten Victoria Falls Facts are listed below.

1. Victoria Falls are the one of the largest waterfalls in the world. They are one of the New Seven Wonders of the World as well as one of the most popular attractions for those on safari in Africa. They are often compared with other world’s popular waterfalls of its class, namely, Angel Falls in Venezuela, Niagara Falls between the US and Canada and Iguazu (Iguassu) Falls straddling the border between Argentina and Brazil.

2. The locals refer to the Falls as “the Smoke That Thunders”. This name was given because of the enormous spray as well as the thunderous noise that come from the iconic waterfall.

3. Because of the constant pounding by the currents of the Zambezi River over a millennium, there are rock faults that were cut into eight successive precipices. A ninth has also begun to form.

4. The rainforest is sustained by the plentiful spray that comes from them. This is the only place on the planet where it “rains” around the clock every single day of the year. There are many endemic plant species are very rarely seen elsewhere in Zimbabwe or Zambia.

5. The Falls were presented to the western world by the Scottish explorer David Livingstone who gave his finding the name of the British Queen in 1855.There are several small islands that stand on the lip of the falls. One of these islands is called Livingstone Island which is named after the first foreigner to view these magnificent falls. Today the Livingstone island in the middle of the Zambezi River stands as the tribute to this explorer.

6. The Falls are located below the Zambezi River which is the fourth largest in Africa as well as the only river that flows into the Indian Ocean.

7. If you are looking for an ideal place to stay during your Zimbabwe vacation among Victoria Falls hotels, Victoria Falls Hotel is located within a short walk from the iconic waterfall. They offer a lot of unique Victoria Falls packages to entice visitors to tour the rainforest as well as the falls. Another of the Victoria Falls Facts is that Queen of England Elizabeth stayed at the hotel in 1947 during her visit to Zimbabwe.

8. The best time to visit is after May. The views of the falls are much better this time of year. In June and July it is possible to get a close up view of the Falls by renting a jet boat.

9. Another of the interesting Victoria Falls facts is that it is one and a half times wider than Niagara Falls as well as two times its height.

10. According to Victoria Falls facts, there are many ways to tour these breathtaking waterfalls, however, viewing the Falls from the air is an exceptional and worth your price opportunity to see this grand spectacle.