Top 10 Virginia Beach Boardwalk Attractions

Virginia Beach BoardwalkThe Virginia Beach boardwalk is filled with things to do, including rides and attractions in various settings. What you choose to do is really up to you. However, whatever you do and wherever you go, you can be assured that the next activity is always within a few feet. You will also take note that virtually every attraction has a bond with the ocean, which serves as a constant reminder of your surroundings.

The top 10 Virginia Beach boardwalk attractions include:

1. Virginia Beach Amusement Park – While this park may not be lavish and filled with thrill-seeking rides, it is quite nice and more like a carnival. It is also close to many of the Virginia Beach boardwalk hotels. You can actually walk right out of your room and within a few minutes, arrive at your destination.

2. Virginia Beach Fishing Pier – Perfect for those who are looking for things to do in Virginia Beach for the entire day. For just a small fee, you can bring your pole and collapsible chair and fish right off the pier all day.

3. Beach Street USA – The Virginia Beach boardwalk is always filled with live entertainment, including fireworks and festivals, especially during the summer. Jugglers, puppets and even magicians can be found along this route, called Beach Street.

4. Old Coast Guard Station – This is one of the top Virginia Beach attractions simply because of the age and condition of the building. It is a landmark in this area because of the long history. There are more than 3,000 photographs and artifacts located in this museum.

5. Naval Aviation Monument – Since the Virginia Beach boardwalk holds so much history, a stop at this monument, shows the significance of Virginia Beach and the importance of its existence during the 1900s for the US armed forces, including the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and the Navy.

6. Norwegian Lady – This statue, with her eyes leading toward the sea is a most beloved landmark in Virginia Beach. It commemorates the lives of the sailors, both lost and found during 1891, when the Dictator sank to the bottom.

7. King Neptune Statue – Located on the boardwalk, next to one of the oceanfront hotels in Virginia Beach, the Hilton, this statue represents all that remains hidden under the sea. It is a place where people come to reflect upon the strength and uncertainty of the ocean itself.

8. Virginia Legends Walk – This is a landscaped area that honors present and past Virginians who made major and significant national contributions. They include George Washington, Booker T. Washington, Woodrow Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Arthur Ashe, just to name a few.

9. Rockfish Restaurant – An evening of fine dining is waiting for you at the Rockfish, where you can enjoy your choice of the freshest seafood in the entire area. The crab cakes, tuna and cocktails are sublime.

10. Holiday Lights – If you are lucky enough to visit Virginia Beach during the holiday season, usually between November and January, you will want to make sure you spend a few hours just enjoying all of the holiday lights. They encompass the entire stretch of the boardwalk.