Top 10 Wineries in Argentina

Wineries in ArgentinaArgentinean wine is a hot commodity these days and there are several wineries in Argentina springing up all over the place. Many of the wineries surround famous landmarks in Argentina, which adds to the appeal to tourists. Argentina takes the fifth place in the world annual wine production and its wineries are some of the top Argentina tourist attractions. Mendoza wineries are the top wine producers in the country included in many Argentina travel packages located along the western borders of the country. Make certain to visit Mendoza wineries during the March Fiesta de la Vendemia harvest festival.

Here we go over a list of the top 10 wineries in Argentina.

1. Familia Zuccardi – This winery is most famous for their signature wine – Santa Julia. This wine is a trademark wine that represents the country well. The winery was founded in 1963 and is well respected by the citizens of the country. One of the largest family owned and run wine operations in the country is proud to implement its unique organic growing technique to produce environmental friendly wine varieties such as Malbec, Cabernet, Merlot and many others.

2. Leoncio Arizu РFounded in 1901, these winemakers are known for their line wines under the label name of Bodega Luigi Bosca’s wines. The wine has won several national and international awards and is still owned by the founding family.

3. Terrazas de Los Andes – This is one of the most beautiful wineries in Argentina. It was originally a Spanish winery and resembles Northern California wineries. Its wine tasting room features a unique tour to see its old Spanish style wine process completed with a wine and food tasting meticulously paired together. Stay at the local guesthouse to complete the experience of a true Argentinian wine crafting process.

4. Kaiken – Combining exquisite Andes climate with unsurpassed quality of both Argentinian and Chilean winemakers, Kaiken wineries are one of the top country’s producers of Malbec and Sauvignon.

5. Salentein – Is one of the oldest wineries in Argentina with wines shipped all over the world. With excellent wine tasting rooms elevated to a museum experience, you will learn about their unique wines and proper food pairings. Salentein wineries produce a wide array of rich tasting wines with deep colors such as Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Gran Corte.

6. Bodegas Nanni – The winery products from Bodegas are shipped worldwide and are cherished at world class restaurants. High altitude vineyards combined with dry, mineral rich soils produce signature grape varieties to make three distinct wine lines: crisp and airy young wines, selected aged wines and blended Arcanvs wine aged in special oak barrels.

7. Don Diego – This winery utilizes cutting edge technology to get the most out of the grapes. Don Diego has won several awards for taste as well as bottle design.

8. O.Fournier – Among relatively new wineries in Argentina that are known for their high quality products focusing on bringing back old fashioned varieties relying on ultra modern technology. This boutique style winery is striving to age their finest Malbec, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc in high quality oak barrels supplying them with unforgettable signature aromas.

9. Graffigna – This winery was founded by immigrant Juan Carlos Graffigna. It won more awards at the 2005 Brussels contest than any other Argentinean wine maker.

10. Mendel – One of the oldest wineries in Argentina with world renowned wine making family running the operations. Mendel vineyards located in the mountain area boast mineral rich soil producing the finest grape crops that go in the making of the classic Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.