Top 10 Yellowstone National Park Attractions

Yellowstone National Park AttractionsYellowstone National Park attractions are natural works of art. They exist because of the wind, rain and snow. Spending time here allows you to understand the way the world was formed. It is like stepping back into time and realizing just how young human beings are.

The top 10 Yellowstone National Park attractions are:

1. Old Faithful – The most famous of all of the Yellowstone National Park geysers. It is also the most visited. On average, over 2.7 million tourists come here annually.

2. Grand Canyon in Yellowstone – It is smaller than the ‘other’ Grand Canyon but no less spectacular. It is approximately ½ mile in width and 900 feet in depth. Most of the Yellowstone National Park tours include a stop here.

3. Norris Museum – One of the things to do in Yellowstone includes spending time indoors. The Norris Museum is great for the kids and anyone who loves history. You can also spend time at Whale’s mouth, one of the many hot springs.

4. Mammoth Country – In this exclusive area, you can see a number of the different types of Yellowstone National Park wildlife, like Elk and wild fowl. You can explore Mammoth hot springs and Boling River. Just make sure you have your towel.

5. Yellowstone Lake – Yellowstone National Park attractions always include a stop here. The views are fabulous and the fishing is perfection.

6. Tower Fall – Yellowstone National Park attractions such as this one allows you to see the largest waterfall in the park.

7. Lamar Falls – A great place to spot bison, coyotes, bears and wolves. The elk and bison are always in the open. The best time to arrive is dusk or very early in the morning. You can also fish here.

8. Hayden Valley – The area is filled with small waterways and marshes. The views of the mountains in the background will take your breath away.

9. Fountain Paint Pots – Here you can see many other geysers that erupt quite frequently. They also have a huge mud pool.

10. West Thumb Geyser Basin – This is one of the areas that are available all year. Many hiking trails start in the West Thumb Geyser Basin and during winter, snowmobiles trek through.