Top 10 Yosemite National Park Lodging Options

Yosemite View LodgeNo matter which season you choose for your California vacation, there are always plenty of things to do at Yosemite National Park. Go skiing during the winter, set on waterfall exploration in the spring, go backpacking during the summer and fall. Finding the perfect lodging option will guarantee you enjoy your visit to the Yosemite National Park and wish to come back year after year.

Listed below you will find our Top 10 Yosemite lodging accommodation options to tailor any need or budget preference from canvas tents to luxurious cabins.

Ahwahnee Hotel1. When taking a trip to visit Yosemite National Park, you will want to find the best Yosemite National Park lodging for you and your family. The Ahwahnee Hotel is a great choice if you want something year round that is centrally located. The hotel is located in Yosemite Village, just inside Yosemite National Park. Ahwahnee Hotel is a luxurious 4-diamond property, perhaps, intended for truly special occasions like anniversaries, couple romantic escapes or even honeymoons. Unique architectural design of the exterior and a mixture of interior styles create a perfect place for a romantic destination. Pricier than average Yosemite view lodge, it’s worth it for those rare special occasions. The Ahwahnee Hotel offers a year round heated swimming pool as well as onsite shops to buy snacks or souvenirs of your trip. The Ahwahnee Hotel offers a dining room that serves fresh local item. There are also many activities to do during your visit. These include, skiing in the winter, horseback riding, as well as rock climbing. There is sure to be something for everyone.

Wawona Hotel2. In your search for Yosemite National Park lodging, you are bound to come across the Wawona Hotel. This is a historic landmark hotel housed in a Victorian style house with a relaxed atmosphere. Wawona Hotel is located in a 4 mile radius from the Yosemite National Park. This Yosemite Hotel option is definitely for a refined type of traveler enjoying the fine things in life like horse back riding, skiing and golfing. Veranda finished rooms are very typical of many old day European hotels adding a special oomph to the whole vacation experience. The hotel also includes a nine hole golf course that was established in 1918 making it the oldest in the Sierras. You will also be able to enjoy the brand new swimming tank, which is the first among the Sierras as well as tennis courts. As you will be staying in the Yosemite Valley you can also take advantage of horseback riding, rock climbing as well as hiking and backpacking.

Tuolumne Meadows Lodge3. Tuolumne Meadows Lodge is located among absolute wilderness of the Yosemite National Park and a perfect place to start any backpacking experience in High Sierra area. This is a rustic lodging environment. While staying at the Lodge, you will be living as they did before electricity. The lodge is equipped with large metal framed tents. Very basic canvas tents with no electricity! There are restroom and shower facilities nearby to use by the guests. There are many things to do while staying at the lodge. Among these is horseback riding, rock climbing as well as hiking and backpacking.

Yosemite Housekeeping Camp4. Yosemite Housekeeping Camp is definitely worth considering if you are an outdoor enthusiast and want cheap no fuss lodging in a good location. Strategically set on the shores of the Merced River, this location offers centrally located bathroom and a campfire ring for easy and convenient cooking options on the go. You will have your choice of 266 units, located on a section of Merced River in the center of Yosemite Valley. Each campsite includes a large tent with the capacity to sleep up to six people. Inside each tent is one bunk bed, a double bed with an enclosed patio with a table and chairs. These tents also include electricity. Each site includes a campfire ring and is close to beaches for swimming and sunbathing.

High Sierra Camps5. High Sierra Camps are definitely not for the meek ones since they are not accessible by any modern type of transportation. You can get there only by walking or horseback riding. Speak of a perfect rustic getaway and think of High Sierra Camps of Yosemite. There are five camps that are only accessible by foot or saddle. You can enjoy a guided saddle or hiking trip. They are spread approximately five to ten miles apart. You will enjoy beautiful views during your stay. No need to lug your own tents, just use convenient canvas cabins available on the property just remember to bring a sleeping bag since these are not provided on the premises. Also, camps are usually filled to the max and sometimes traveling parties are split in order to accommodate all guests, we hope you don’t mind sharing your tent with other guests. The accommodations include dinner and breakfast in dining camps. You may purchase boxed lunches for your hike. Overall a very rustic and outdoorsy type of lodging!

Evergreen Lodge6. The Evergreen lodge is a historic hotel near the woods bordering Yosemite National Park. Unlike many Yosemite cabin facilities Evergreen Lodge is open year round. While staying here, you will have your choice of several fully-furnished cabins packed with modern day amenities where you are sure to be very comfortable while enjoying the breathtaking views. There are many activities for the entire family while staying at the Evergreen Lodge. Among these are fly fishing, hiking trips, biking and geo caching. There is also snow-shoeing in winter. The lodge also offers a massage if you wish to relax on your vacation. There is sure to be something for the entire family to enjoy! Enjoy the wilderness of the Yosemite Park while still having all expected conveniences at hand. It sure beats canvas tents with no electricity!

White Wolf Lodge7. When planning a trip and looking for Yosemite National Park lodging, you will want to look into the White Wolf Lodge. The lodge is located only three miles from the Yosemite Valley. You will have your choice of staying in a canvas tent that is equipped with a wood burning stove and wood without electricity or staying in a cabin with one bath. There is limited electricity in the cabins, used only for heating and lights. For those that choose to stay in a tent, you will have central showers and restrooms for your use. This place would be perfect for hikers or people enjoying the serenity of the California Mountain region.

8. For visitors coming with large families but a small budget, staying at the Curry Village is a perfect way to have fun and still save money. The Village presents 319 tents and 56 cabins for inexpensive but comfortable stay right in the heart of Yosemite National Park.

9. Yosemite Lodge at the Falls is a family friendly lodging option located in close proximity to the Yosemite Falls and offering convenient and comfortable stay in all of its 226 rooms. This Yosemite view lodging option is proud of having recently introduced 19 all green rooms that are constructed with all the way sustainable and recyclable material, energy efficient lighting all provided by locally based vendors.

10. Tenaya Lodge is another excellent option for visitors preferring to stay outside the park but still not too far away from it. Elegant interior design of this Yosemite lodge is a perfect place to kick back after a busy day backpacking or bicycling around the park. Local Spa conveniently situated right on the premises of the lodge will allow you to massage your tension away and prepare you for another fun and exciting day at the Park.