Top 5 Adirondack Hiking Trails

Adirondack Hiking TrailsAdirondack National Forest is one of the most serene and beautiful places on earth. There are 3,000 lakes and ponds and over 2,000 miles of Adirondack hiking trails that make up the forest. Below is a short list of the top five hiking trails in the Adirondacks area:

1. One of the most popular Adirondack hiking trails is Black Mountain Loop. The loop tops the Black Mountain, as aptly named, and sits above Lake George. There are several soggy trail stretches and conditions can be wet but attractions along the way such as the beaver marshes, vista ridges, and lake makes the trail a unique and fun adventure.

2. Gleasmans Falls Trail is a peaceful and relaxing hike through beautiful woods and meadow clearings. The hike leads up to the gorge on the Independence River which makes Gleasmans Falls one of the most scenic Adirondack hiking trails available.

3. Pharaoh Mountain and Lake Loop is an all day and overnight adventure. Hiking the Appalachian Trail is much like Pharaoh Mountain. Mixed forests and wetlands cover this nearly 15 mile hike. This hike requires a strenuous skill level and is recommended for the experienced hikers only.

4. Stony Pond Trail is another of the popular Adirondack hiking trails available in the forest. The trail winds around varied terrain toward Stony Pond. Also nearby are Little and Big Sherman Ponds located to the south and center of the Stony Pond Trail. The forest is covered with conifer, beaver sites, and a beautiful array of colors.

5. West Canada Lakes Wilderness provides an overnight hike and demanding all day journey to the center of the West Canada Lakes Wilderness. Three ponds are located along the way, Falls Pond, Brooktrout, and West. Beaver ponds can also be seen along the journey.