Top 5 Harriman State Park Hiking Trails

Harriman State Park Hiking TrailsHarriman State Park is the second largest state park in New York and sits approximately 30 miles north of New York City. The expansive park covers nearly 47,000 acres and is known for its great hiking and backpacking trails. Harriman State Park hiking trails cover over 200 miles. It is often referred to as a hikers dream as enthusiasts will find themselves hiking mountains, beautiful forested areas, and pristine lakes. Harriman State Park hiking trails represent hiking at its finest. Below is a list of five best Harriman State Park hiking trails.

1. Appalachian Trail – This famous trail stretches out over 2,100 miles throughout the eastern and southern portions of the United States. Harriman State Park houses just under 19 miles of this legendary trail. Each year several groups of hikers try and conquer the entire trail in one season. Hiker Earl Shaffer was the first person to complete it. The entire trail passes through 14 states.

2. Blue Disc Trail – This trail is 2.8 miles long and passes two rock formations known as Elbow Crush and Claudius Smith Rock. During your trip you’ll climb two mountains; Almost Perpendicular and Pound Mountain.

3. Long Path Trail – The trail actually covers 350 miles from the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee to the Albany, New York area. There is a 20 mile section of Long Path that runs through Harriman State Park.

4. Iron Mines Loop – Harriman State Park Hiking Trails are popular because of the number of abandoned mines in the area. Iron Mines Loop is a moderate hike that cover 8.5 miles and takes you to the summit viewpoint of Black Rock Mountain.

5. Rockland County Trail – This trail is strenuous and covers 7 miles. Portions of the hike follow along the Dunderberg Spiral Railway and features several view points over the Hudson River.