Top 5 Most Exciting Yosemite Backpacking Trails

Yosemite Backpacking TrailsIf hiking is your thing then Yosemite is your destination for fun and adventure. Yosemite backpacking trails are known for their scenic views and wide range of trails for the novice to the extreme expert. In between your hikes there are plenty of Yosemite National Park hotels and campsites to rest up. Yosemite Park is sure to be a backpacking adventure you’ll remember forever. Below are the top 5 most exciting Yosemite backpacking trails.

1. Robinson Creek Trail – Route goes through the Hoover wilderness into Yosemite north. You’ll see Peeler Lake as well as awesome granite cliffs and sub-alpine terrain. The full hike is just over 16 miles and takes most people 5-10 hours. There are campsites all around to choose from. The trail is rated moderate to difficult.

2. Bridalveil Fall Trail – This is one of the few wheel chair accessible trails in the park. The hike to Bridalveil Falls is worth it once your eyes take hold of the breathtaking view at the top. May and June are the best times to visit as the fall is at its full force. It’s a short hike of only 0.4 miles and takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes. This trail is featured by many Yosemite park tour maps.

3. El Capitan From Tamarack Flat Trail – The 3000 foot high El Capitan beckons climbers from all over the world each year. The hike is moderate to difficult and is a total of 17 miles round trip. Some people complete it in 6 hours while others prefer to take a few days to complete the trek.

4. Five Lakes Trail – This 30 mile hike is best completed in about four total days. It is one of the most popular Yosemite backpacking trails for the experienced hiker who prefers long hikes. Along the way you’ll visit five lakes with great views. The trip is best between July through October and can also be done on horse.

5. Clouds Rest Trail – One of the most popular Yosemite backpacking trails because of the gorgeous photo opportunities. 14 miles total.