Top 5 Most Interesting Iguazu Falls Facts

Iguazu Falls FactsIguazu (Iguassu) Falls are one of the most popular and recognizable waterfalls in the world located on the Brazilian and Argentinian borders. Iguazu Falls South America served as inspiration for most awe inspiring photographic images captured by the best photographers and featured in major motion pictures. Annually Iguazu Falls are visited by millions of tourists on both Brazilian and Argentinian sides. There are several major vantage points where tourists can get the best view of the Falls.

Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinian side and Foz du Iguacu in Brazil provide a lot of walkways and outlooks with Devil’s Throat being the most popular attraction featuring a U shaped 82 meter high waterfall. If simply seeing the waterfalls from the distance is not enough, you can engage in several adventures whether you choose various boat trip tours to the base of the Iguazu Falls or Iguazu Jungle Explorer taking you on 4 wheel drive jeeps down the river for the soaking thrill ride of a lifetime.

Below is a list of the top 5 interesting Iguazu Falls facts.

1. Legend of the falls – Legend has it the falls were created by an angry god that was planning to marry a girl named Naipi. The girl fled from the god and into the arms of her earthly lover Taroba when out of anger the god sliced the river and the falls were created.

2. Seven Wonders of the World Runner-Up – Another one of the interesting Iguazu Falls facts is that the falls are a candidate to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Iguazu Falls in South America has been visited by many famous people, one of which was Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt who exclaimed “Poor Niagra” when she laid eyes on the falls. These waterfalls are often compared to majestic Victoria Falls in Africa and Niagara Falls in North America.

3. Movies – One of the most well known Iguazu falls facts is that is has been featured in several films. Some of the movies that have featured the falls include Miami Vice, Mr. Magoo, and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Some celebrities even stayed in some of the Iguazu Falls hotels. Directors said that the falls provided the perfect element of cinematic drama needed for their films.

4. Underground fresh water reservoir – The falls sit on the largest underwater fresh water reservoir in the world called the Guarani Aquifer. Visitors are able to take hot mineral baths as temperatures reach up to 38 degrees Celsius.

5. Wildlife – Another of the most interesting Iguazu Falls Facts is that there are several hundred types of wildlife. There are over 66 types of mammals, 436 types of birds, 38 reptiles, and 18 amphibians. The falls serve as a great natural habitat for many creatures that call Iguazu Falls their home.

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