Top 5 New Zealand Honeymoon Destinations

New Zealand Honeymoon DestinationsNew Zealand honeymoon destinations are going to create unforgettable memories for you and your spouse and will become a successful beginning for any great marriage.

New Zealand honeymoon destinations are certainly off the beaten path offering a copious variety of activities like fishing, hiking, biking, whale watching, bungee jumping, skiing, rafting and swimming with dolphins. You name it – New Zealand has it for your enjoyment.

Listed below you will find some of the most romantic and enjoyable New Zealand honeymoon destinations:

1. Rotorua is a town known all over the world for its geothermal wonders formed due to still active volcanic activity in the area. Here you can witness hot bubbling mud holes, majestic geysers and mysteriously escaping steam from the cracks in the ground. What could be better than soaking in a hot spring after an especially busy sightseeing day? And let us assure you that you will find plenty of things to do in Rotorua. Lake Rotorua is a great attraction offering all sorts of activities like trout fishing and swimming. If you are a thrill seeker, do not miss rafting in one of fast or slow rivers you can find in the Rotorua area. Hotels in Rotorua range from luxurious to budget friendly and are ready to accommodate all tastes and preferences of their visitors.

2. The City of Christchurch is the largest city of the South Island that does not stop amazing its tourists with its multi-faced vibrancy. Christchurch’s Central Cathedral should not be missed as it offers a chance to climb as high as its spire to admire the beauty of the city from the bird’s eye view. You can plan your honeymoon to arrive this town in February for the most famous Festival of Flowers held here annually. Do not forget the Botanical Gardens that present over 250 rose types. Hotels in Christchurch could be chosen to tailor your needs and budget preference.

3. Tongariro National Park is also a recommended attraction for visitors coming to New Zealand for romantic getaways. What could be more exciting than exploring the primal and untouched beauty of New Zealand with your loved one hand in hand? The Park is spread to include three major volcanoes: Mount Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro. The climate in the park area is considered to change rapidly, so prepare carefully for all weather types. Here you and your spouse can hike, camp, rock climb, fish, hunt, mountain bike and ski in the winter. The most favorite attraction here is Tongariro Alpine crossing and the most amazing experience you are going to venture on. The whole crossing will take anywhere from 2 to 4 days depending on your desire and fitness levels.

4. Queenstown has to be one of the best New Zealand adventure tours fit for a Queen. Queenstown also has the friendliest people who love tourists and treat them with utmost respect and hospitality. This world renowned ski resort is blooming with pleasures of life. Try trout fishing in multiple lakes in the area, sample famous New Zealand wines right at the vineyards where they are grown. Lake Wakatipu is truly spectacular and should be admired by taking multiple paths around the lake. The Queenstown nightlife is buzzing with activity in many restaurants and bars that offer the best local foods for visitors to try.

5. Auckland is along the most important cities in New Zealand and one of the most popular romantic destinations in the area. Climate that is warm and pleasant is especially conducive to growing the finest selections of produce that you can sample here after it was carefully prepared by the loving hands of local chefs. Great local pubs and restaurants offer plenty of possibilities to sample local cuisine while watching live performances and shows that are so popular in the area. Depending to which harbor or gulf side you decide to go to you are going to be met by welcoming warm waters of the ocean or strong forceful waves that are perfect for surfing. Everything here is tailored to tourists’ needs. Wine taste, catch a ferry, snorkel, fish or swim in the great City of Auckland during your honeymoon.

We hope that one of these New Zealand honeymoon destinations are going to be on your next trip itinerary.