Top 5 Reasons to Take Volcano Tours from Oahu

Volcano Tours from OahuWith so many Oahu tourist attractions to choose from, there is one that tourists should not miss. Plan on reserving an entire day to just this tourist attraction – the volcano tours from Oahu. These tours are proven to be the most exciting adventure you will have while visiting Hawaii.

Below are the top five reasons to take volcano tours while visiting Oahu:

1. See extraordinary landscape – The beauty of Hawaii is breathtaking and when seen from a bird’s eye view among the Hawaiian helicopter tours it is even better. To witness the amazing volcanoes below will assuredly take your breath away.

2. Learn about Hawaii Islands geology first hand – The tour includes a hike over the lava flow that once covered the small village of Kalapana and the Kaimu Black Sandy Beach in the 1980s. The hike also takes over an area that was previously all oceans.

3. Visit a museum – The volcano tours from Oahu include a stop at the Jagger Museum and Volcano House. Here you will enjoy seeing artifacts and learn about the history of the Oahu volcanoes. The narrated volcano tours from Oahu are not complete without stopping off at the museum for some added information.

4. See the Rainbow Falls – One of the highlights of the entire volcano tours in Oahu is seeing the Rainbow Falls. The Falls are legendary and if viewed at the right time of the day with the right amount of sunlight, tourists will see the rushing water combine with sunlight to form magical rainbows. The Falls make the tour even more spectacular.

5. Convenient pick up and drop off – The volcano tours from Oahu provide efficient pick up and drop off service to many area Waikiki hotels. Guests can pack exactly what they need from the day and be picked up at their hotel without walking distances or paying for additional cab fare.