Top 5 Reasons To Visit Creekside Park in Dubai

Creekside Park DubaiCreekside Park in Dubai is a nature lover’s paradise complete with all of the amenities any large park in the city should be equipped with. It is no secret why Creekside Park is one of the most popular outdoor venues for visitors of Dubai. Below are some of the top reasons to visit Creekside Park and why you won’t be disappointed.

1. One of the primary reasons to visit Creekside Park in Dubai is because of its location. The park is situated on lots of green space in the heart of the bustling city. The park is spread out over approximately 237 acres and provides a large area for families to enjoy the peaceful and activity based park.

2. Another reason people love to visit Creekside Park in Dubai is because of the large amphitheater. This is one of the highlights of the park and seats approximately 5,000 people. The amphitheater is a popular venue for outdoor concerts, plays, and entertainment. Many festivals are held in this area throughout the year.

3. Another reason to visit the Creekside Park is its close proximity to many area accommodations. There are many fine hotels situated around the park including the Arabian Courtyard Hotel in Dubai.

4. The Creekside Park in Dubai has a great deal of amenities for both adults and children. Some of the available facilities open to the public are a large golf course, picnic areas and outdoor games for children.

5. The hours of the park are flexible and offer a wide variety of times to allow visitors to enjoy the park amenities. If staying at the Murooj Rotana in Dubai, just a walk away is the park and available at all hours of the day. The park is open seven days a week.