Top 5 Reasons To Visit Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem

Rockefeller Museum JerusalemThe Rockefeller Museum of Jerusalem is one of the most significant museums in Jewish history. The museum offers a complete historical and biblical perspective on Jerusalem and allows visitors to gain a thorough understanding of their Jewish heritage. Located near the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, the museum is a great place to stop and spend some time in exploration. Below are 5 reasons to visit the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.

1. To See The Model of Jerusalem – The model of Jerusalem is a life like miniature model of the ancient times of Jerusalem. The Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem does a spectacular job at presenting a life like model of how Jerusalem used to look prior to the tear downs and demolitions of many ancient buildings.

2. Search Through The Collections – Browsing through the large number of unique collections is one of the reasons tourists traveling through Christian Holy Land tours frequent the museum. From the moment visitors arrive they will be able to witness the Dead Sea Scrolls including the Isaiah Scroll and the Temple Scroll.

3. Guided Tours Are Available – A large draw to the museum is the number of guided tours that are available. From the moment you arrive at the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, a tour guide will familiarize you with the sites.

4. Learn About Ancient History – The ancient Jewish history is rich in interesting facts and findings. History buffs will enjoy tours to the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem and to the museum for further study.

5. Visit The Archeology Wing – For those wanting to see the Shrine of the Book which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls a visit to the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem is a necessity. Other rare manuscripts are found among these archaeological findings as well. This is a popular and interesting area to explore.