Top 5 Things To Do in Shanghai China in One Day

Things To Do In Shanghai ChinaWhen finding things to do in Shanghai China visitors will be amazed at the number of fun activities available to do within this beautiful city. When researching fun things to do in China, guests should have no problem finding accommodating China tours to help them learn about Shanghai. With a little research, tourists should be able to find cheap flights to Shanghai, therefore saving money in order to enjoy their visit to Shanghai.

Below we have come up with a list of sightseeing suggestions of the top five things to do in Shanghai China if you only have one day to spare.

1. Shanghai Museum – Also officially known as the Museum of Ancient Chinese Art, it will delight tourists with its extensive collection of artifacts from China including the jade sculptures, calligraphy, lacquered furniture, coins, stone structure gallery and so much more. Holding over 120,000 rare pieces of art, it’s among excellent things to do in Shanghai China even if you have no more than a day for sightseeing. This is one of China’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing visitors from all over the world.

2. Yu Gardens – This is one of the most fun things to do in Shanghai China for the entire family. If you have not visited the Gardens, you can not say that you visited Shanghai according to the locals. The gardens and City God Temple Bazaar are open for guests to stroll through and pick up little trinkets to bring home from their vacation in Shanghai. A gigantic jade rock weighing 5 ton is the main highlight of the Gardens which are considered the largest and the most immaculately maintained Suzhou style gardens in southern China featuring strategically placed landscape elements, pagodas, lakes, ponds and buildings.

3. Jade Buddha Temple – One of the sacred Buddhist Temples in China is located in the western portion of the city. The Temple houses two gigantic statues of Buddha, reclining and sitting. The sitting Buddha statue has ornate inlays of precious agates and emeralds and rich ceramic pottery and rare art scattered throughout the Temple. The statues were brought all the way from Burma back in the 19th century and survived several wars and revolutions. Temple’s unique architecture, art and tranquil atmosphere make it one of the must see attractions in Shanghai even if you are short on time.

4. Bund Waterfront – One of the iconic and picturesque cityscapes appearing on just about any postcard or travel book about Shanghai, the the Bund Shanghai is a must see stop for any hurried traveler. Showcasing buildings completed just about in any architectural style ranging from Gothic, Roman, Renaissance and Classicism, the waterfront was once the epicenter of business headquarters and consulate offices in China. Today the waterfront opens panoramic views of the city and is one of the most photographed places against the backdrop of Huangpu River.

5. Suzhou and Zhouzhuang Water Village – This is a great place to take one of the China river cruises in a gondola through the waterways of Zhouzhuang. Visitors may also stroll through the gardens of the Net Master which is a wonderful example of a Ming Dynasty garden.

Shanghai is the eighth largest city in the world and the largest city in China. Because of the size there is no shortage of things to do in Shanghai China. Visitors can enjoy many sightseeing tours as well as the exciting nightlife.