Top 5 Tombstone AZ Attractions For History Lovers!

Tombstone AZ AttractionsThe Tombstone AZ attractions are numerous and very exciting, but those who really want to look into the history of this area will be in for a special treat. This is an area where the old west really comes to life and regardless of the Ghost stories there is truth that awaits all who seek it.

Tombstone has become one of the top Arizona tourist attractions because of the gold rush. The founding father of Tombstone was Ed Schieffelin. He was a gold prospector who came to strike it rich. He was always wandering and friends would warn him that the only gold rocks he would find would lead to his tombstone, and that stuck in his head. When he finally struck gold, his first gold mine was aptly named Tombstone.

No matter where you go to see Tombstone AZ attractions, you are sure to find people whispering tall tales and stories of the old west, but if you really want a taste of the past, make sure you find authentic sites.

If you would like to see the top 5 Tombstone AZ attractions for history lovers, simply look below:

1. The Tombstone Courthouse – Everyone knows Wyatt Earp and this makes a stop here one of the first things to do in Tombstone AZ. After the O.K. Corral gun fight, this is where the now infamous trial took place. It has been in existence since 1882. Right outside is where the hangings took place and climbing the short staircase to the nooses hanging down will send chills down your spine.

2. O.K. Corral – Is always one of the best Tombstone AZ attractions for those who want facts, not fiction. Here you can walk the streets where the shootout of 1881 took place and experience what they did. They have daily performances where they reenact the famous battle. And, you can review more than 100 original photos that were taken by the town photographer named, C. S. Fly. You can even visit the room where Doc Holliday slept.

3. Boothill Cemetery – Once you leave the O.K. Coral, head over to this famous cemetery, which is another of the better Tombstone AZ attractions, rich in history and fact. Here, you can see the grave markers of the three men who died in the gunfight. They include: Tom McLaury and his brother Frank and Billy Clanton.

4. Tin Cup Mining Company – One of the more off-the-beaten-path places to visit in Arizona because many tend to forget about the mining industry and fixate on the fights between outlaws and the law , however, the mines were the backbone of Tombstone. If you arrange a tour here, you will be provided with the real history of the Wild West from an everyday point of view.

5. Gleeson Jail – This is where all of the worst outlaws were held so you will definitely want to make sure you stop here. Bootleggers, train robbers, gamblers and of course, bank robbers all paid this jail a visit at least once during their lifetime. You can tour the jail and spend a few hours here, before checking into one of the nearby Tombstone hotels, like Virgil’s Corner B & B.