Top 5 Venezuela Beaches Review

Venezuela Beaches

Located in the northern part of South America, Venezuela boasts several thousand miles of the Caribbean Sea coast. Thousands of beaches are as diverse as the natural bounties of the country ranging from well equipped family beaches to rugged and isolated windsurfers’ escapes. Venezuela beaches are not as crowded compared to other Caribbean destinations overrun by tourists and some of them are scattered around National Parks with diverse ecosystems.

For your consideration we present top 5 Venezuela beaches:

1. Los Roques – Los Roques Venezuela archipelago has some the best Venezuela beaches you will find anywhere along the coast of this country. The beaches of Los Roques boast powdery sands, crystal clear waters and a multitude of water sports opportunities. The beaches here not one crowded with tourists, because of the difficulty reaching them almost exclusively by boats or small airplanes, but are well worth the effort. Lodging accommodations are as unique as the beaches themselves, featuring small family run posadas or boutique style inns offering extensive amenities and excellent service.

2. Margarita Island – Margarita Island is known as the Pearl of the Caribbean offering some of the best beaches in the area. Margarita Island Venezuela vacations are frequently seen as a tropical dream come true. These beaches showcase white sand and plenty of amenities. This island is a hot spot for tourists who want to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf though, so expect crowds and plenty of souvenir sellers. Additionally, Margarita Island is a world mecca for windsurfers flocking here all year round due to near perfect weather conditions, shallow waters and great ocean swells.

3. Choroni – Choroni Beach’s official name is Playa Grande and it’s one of the most popular Venezuela beaches, very typical of most Caribbean beaches. Warm soft sand, beautiful clear waters, and a lush tropical setting make this beach and nearby town a paradise. This beach is considered one of the best Venezuela vacation spots you can find, and there are plenty to see and do in the colonial town as well. Getting here is a challenge, prepare for stomach tickling turns of a rugged mountain route but incredible scenery.

4. Playa Colorada – If you are looking for white sand you can find it at many of the Venezuela beaches. The sand at Playa Colorada is a golden color though, which is why this beach is frequently photographed for travel guides and pictures of the beaches of Venezuela. Located in the heart of the National Park Mochima with the beautiful natural settings of the mountains meeting the coast, Playa Colorada beaches are windsurfer’s dream come true combining perfect wave conditions with ideal year round temperatures.

5. Puerto Piritu – This resort area offers roughly six hundred kilometers of the best Venezuela beaches possible. Soft sand, beautiful azure waters, and friendly people make this one of the top beaches to visit in this country. There are a number of resorts and hotels to choose from, and plenty of beach to relax on. Piritu Lagoon is worth visiting due to incredible coastal views and rich flora and fauna.