Top 5 Water Parks in Northern California

Water Parks in Northern CaliforniaThe water parks in Northern California are not as numerous as those along the central and southern regions of the state. It’s possible that because the weather is not as temperate, many decide to head a little further south to enjoy water activities.

The water parks in Northern California are not open all year, like those in the south. So, you will need to make sure you schedule your trip around their calendar. Most begin their season between March and May. They close after Halloween.

However, there are still some water parks in Northern California that rival their southern counterparts, both in size and excitement. To find them, you just need to start looking.

Here is a list of the top 5 water parks in Northern California:

1. Raging Waters – San Jose – Of all of the water parks in Northern California, this is the largest. It is 23 acres in size and holds gallons of water in the millions. The most explosive ride lately is called Bombs Away. This 200 foot body slide plummets you five stories from top to bottom. They also have a wave pool with 350,000 gallons of water and feels just like you are in the ocean. Pirates Cove and the Endless River will fill you with thrills and excitement for hours. The Activity Pool has slides and waterfalls.

2. Raging Waters – Sacramento – This is always one of the top California tourist attractions if you plan to visit the city’s capital of Sacramento. It has over 25 rides including thrill slides like Cliffhanger, a body slide. Hammerhead, Great White and Dragons Den, all tube slides. There are also pools, waves and rivers including Breaker Beach which is the first wave pool in Northern California.

3. Waterworld – California – Another fun park is located in Concord. Spend your day zipping down Tornado, a 75 foot water slide. Or, try Diablo Falls where you free fall into either open air or through a dark, wet tunnel. The 10-foot pool will surely break your fall. The kids will love Treasure Island and the Lil’ Kahuna Waterworks. Both are interactive and filled with waterfalls, geysers, fountains and swings.

4. Boomerang Bay at Great America – This water park is one of the more fun San Francisco tourist attractions because it is located on the same grounds as Great America, the theme park. It offers a multitude of rides, like Didgeridoo Falls. This is a waterslide for the entire family, which sits on a platform 54 feet in the air and glides along the water on a raft that seats 4. There’s also Jackaroo Landing, with different levels. It’s more like a fortress made of water, connected by passageways, bridges and ladders.

5. Roseville Golfland – Sunsplash – Other places to visit in Northern California, Roseville, to be exact is this combination water park, arcade, miniature golf course and race track. The waterpark, Sunsplash, features something called The Vortex, which drops the rider 4 stories down, directly into a massive bowl of water. There’s also The Stealth, a major thrill ride that resembles a half-pipe, ending with you spilling into a pool of water.