United Kingdom Travel Guide

StonehengeUnited Kingdom is a country in Western Europe that unites four separate nations, namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom is a major travel destination in Europe for travelers seeking both historical and modern day England attractions despite its damp and foggy climate practically all year round due to its geographical location on the British Isles surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. English Channel divides the Isles from the European mainland. The best travel guide advice is to pack an umbrella and a rain coat for your England vacations.

It’s hard to imagine any other country that packs such an assortment of distinctly different tourist attractions driven by England’s diverse culture, traditions and history. Almost no major historical event took place without the influence and participation of this incredible country, including wars, hostile invasions and even major scientific discoveries like Darwin’s evolution theory. The United Kingdom has left a grand footprint in the history of the world. No nation in the world is so completely fascinated with their Royal Family as Englishmen following their slightest move with ever watchful eyes. Though English is a predominant spoken language in the country, there are also Welsh and Gaelic and an endless number of dialects in different parts of the country.

According to many UK’s travel guides, British cuisine is generally made fun off, it is really an acquired taste and one should make an effort to try some of the most characteristic dishes like fish and chips generally dressed with malt vinegar, assortment of puddings, pies and sausages. For breakfast there’s nothing better than traditional English tea with a biscuit topped with a generous dollop of clotted cream.

Our United Kingdom travel guide below has outlined some of the major points of interest that you will encounter during your next trip to the British Isles.

England is the largest and most prominent parts of the United Kingdom that houses up to 90% of United Kingdom’s population. England is generally described as being roughly divided into 3 geographical regions that have their typical traditions, cultural preferences and even dialects. Southern England is overlooking the English Channel and is home to the capital of England, its western coast Cornwall and South Eastern England that is one of the most favorite among itineraries included in many England vacations’ guides. True history buffs will take delight from visiting the rural farmlands of Wiltshire that are mostly known for one of the most significant Stonehendge Monument rock formations dating back to the Neolithic age located in the Western England. One of the most easily recognized attraction in the Eastern England is hands down its prestigious Cambridge University. Northern England is considered one of the most picturesque and scenic areas of the countryside and North Sea coast attracting lots of tourists annually.

LondonLondon is the capital of England and by all means the best city to start any England vacations. There are certain attractions in the city that any traveler simply must include in his itinerary. The Buckingham Palace is the place of Royal residence and one of the most beautiful castles in England that could be admired from the outside all year round, in the summer visitors will get a rare chance to tour partial interior of the Buckingham Palace but beware of the crowds. Additionally, crowds of tourists flock to the former Royal residence and the place of English Parliament, the Westminster Palace with its gorgeous bridge and famous Big Ben clock tower. If you are short on time while visiting the capital, catch the largest observation wheel named the London Eye where you can view most London’s attractions from the bird’s eye view or hop on a Double Decker bus to tour the city at your own pace. Westminster Abbey is also high on the list of top attractions in the capital because of its Gothic architectural grandeur and cultural importance. The Tower of England is on the World Heritage Sites list and one attraction that should be visited even if you have a few hours to spare in the capital presenting one of the most significant chapters in British history and served as a royal residence, armory and even prison. For art lovers, there is an endless list of museums and galleries and some of them include the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, just to name a few. No England vacation is possible without visiting its parks with lush meadows and rose gardens, but Hyde Park is the Royal Park and most famous of them all opening vast perfectly landscaped lands that are great for picnics, weekend strolls and cultural events.

Oxford is pristine, prestigious, snobbish and rather closed for outsiders city in England, home to one of the most regarded private Universities in the world. The scholarly achievements and striving for excellence are permeating the air of the city. Besides its scholarly grandeur, the city is very urban chic presenting lots of opportunities to its visitors from English pubs, to museums and art galleries.

Manchester, once a heavily industrialized city, has changed into a revolutionary different place with its urbanized chic flair and one of the most desirable places to live and visit in England. Within the recent years the city has become a very diverse city for multiracial and gay couples with very forward thinking and friendly mentality that is very hard to come by in any other area in the country. Among popular landmarks the Manchester Wheel is very similar to the London Eye allowing you to view city’s sights from the above. Castelfield historical site and the Manchester Cathedral are deeply intertwined in the local history and present very curious places to visit.

Liverpool is a city in England made famous by the Beatles, devoted football fans and some of the best bar scenes in the country. Among cultural attractions visitors will find Royal Liver Building overlooking the river front, The Beatles Story Museum and a fine selection of art galleries.

Newcastle Upon Tyne similarly to a lot of British cities was previously a coal industry center and has recently matured into a cool and chic city that is a pleasure to visit and live in. Definitely pay a visit to see the Tyne Bridges that ultimately gave a name to the city and consider attending a so cold London Bridge experience presenting a crash course on the British History.

York is a haven for travelers looking to visit many Gothic Cathedrals in Britain and also attend the City of Festivals happening regularly throughout the year.

EdinburghVisitors looking to learn more about Scotland attractions will be surprised how much you can get from this tiny but very compact and efficiently organized part of the UK. Despite the fact that Scotland is an integral part of the UK, it managed to preserve its unique cultural and historical identity. Your Scotland vacation is simply not possible without visiting its major cities presenting so much historical knowledge and experiences. Edinburg is Europe’s most spectacular cities set at the backdrop of hilltops facing the sea. The city inspired so many English poets taking Scotland’s breathtaking sceneries to the heights of their literary masterpieces. It’s hikers’ paradise, Holly Grail for history buffs and culinary destinations for some of the pickiest foodies in the world looking to sample famous haggies and smoked salmon. During your Scotland vacation make certain to visit the famous Edinburg Castle, an important historical monument and Scotland’s Royal residence. Real Mary King’s Close is a historical district that gives visitors a perfect idea what Scottish streets used to look like in the 16th and 17th centuries. Glasgow, on the other hand, should be included in your Scotland vacation if you value lifestyle above all. Its perfectly preserved Victorian style architectural creations create a perfect background for this edgy and fashion forward city. The city is also famous for its splendid riverfront promenades and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum that has gathered impressive collection of medieval and Renaissance art pieces. Glasgow Cathedral should also be included in your list of attractions in the city due to its historical and religious importance.

Wales is a country situated in the Western part of the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that it’s part of Great Britain, Wales tourism is very unique compared to its neighbors, England, Scotland and even Northern Ireland. Wales tourism is mostly represented by small countryside settlements with names that are really hard to pronounce to its visitors. These villages are simply perfect for exploring Welsh outdoors by hiking or mountain biking around its stunning landscapes. National Parks are Wales attractions that are worth coming for year after year. The territory of Wales is divided into three main regions that present a very different set of attractions, with South being the most urbanized and populated showcasing the most stunning coastal sceneries, North is blessed with high mountains perfect for outdoor explorations and the cutest little villages serving up great cultural and culinary fares, the Mid Wales being the least inhabited with dense forests, river valleys and Western shorelines. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and home to its famous rugby team and one of the most traveled places in the country. City’s neoclassical and Victorian architecture are major attraction and visitors love coming to the Cardiff Castle and the National Museum of Cardiff surrounded by lovely English Gardens, fountains and well manicured landscapes. Newport Village in Vales is a cute settlement and one of the highly regarded by Wales tourism attraction due to its pretty countryside flair and cuisine. The local Canteen is serving up some most famous British and Welsh dishes.