USA Travel Guide

The United States of America is a country of immense freedoms that still seem unattainable for many nations in various corners of the planet opening incredible opportunities not only for its native citizens but, most importantly, for millions of immigrants arriving to the Land of Milk and Honey, the Land of Hope and Promise, one of the bravest and greatest countries on earth. For travelers seeking to explore its riches, USA travel guide presents 50 awesome states with their diverse set of attractions and landmarks, unique in every way. From the East coast off New York and Florida to the West coast by Los Angeles and San Francisco, from the North off North Dakota and down south to Texas and Arizona, you have to travel USA to see its natural wonders, learn about its history and set on some of the most thrilling USA travel adventures.

The USA is presented by lower 48 states plus the states of Alaska located close to the Arctic Circle and Hawaii located in the North Pacific region. Below please refer to our USA travel guide to gain knowledge of the main tourist attractions in USA.

Northeastern USA is what was greeting newly arriving immigrants on boats from Europe to America years ago with hopes of new life. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the US perched on the Liberty Island in New York City that is still associated with freedom and hope. NYC is one of the most popular USA travel destinations brimming with some of the finest museums like Metropolitan Museum of Art and cultural venues like Broadway shows, some of the tallest buildings like the Empire State Building and some of the hottest restaurants and night clubs on the East Coast. Besides NYC, Eastern USA guide is proud to present New England with lobster rich Maine, the Bay State Massachusetts, charming Connecticut home to the Yale University, naturally beautiful New Hampshire, small Rhode Island State blessed with 400 miles of shorelines and maple syrup producing Vermont.

The Mid-Atlantic portion of the Eastern USA is showcased by USA’s capital Washington D.C. that has two distinct sides: one flavored by the hot politics happening at the Capitol with its well recognized marble columns, the White House and Pentagon, and another characterized by an abundance of museums just about for every taste including National Air and Space Museum, National Building and Natural History Museums, National Gallery of Art and many others. Washington D.C. also has more monuments than any other city in the country ranging from its massive Washington and Lincoln Memorials to Constitution Gardens, just to name a few. Besides Washington DC, Mid-Atlantic US has so much more to offer for its visiting guests like Delaware State boasting beautiful coastline, wonderful Maryland State that has such a diversity of natural wonders including Chesapeake Bay and portion of Appalachian Mountain range. In addition, suburban New Jersey with its Atlantic City Boardwalk, second largest after Las Vegas gambling area in the US. Historical Pennsylvania with one of the largest cities in America Philadelphia is known for its nickname “The Birthplace of America”. In addition, the city has a great deal of National Parks, incredible museums and galleries, and historical sites, including Independence National Historic Park and Eastern State Penitentiary.

The West Coast of the United States is proudly presented by one of the most popular state in the USA’s tourism industry, California that has more celebrities and beach bums residing on its territory than anywhere else in the country. Overlooking the largest Ocean in the world, the Golden State has no shortage of breathtaking beaches and coastline to indulge in one of the best in the country beach going, water sports and social activities centered on its beach culture. Among the hottest tourist destination you will find eccentric San Francisco with its highly acclaimed Golden Gate Bridge, gloomy Alcatraz Prison Island and gorgeous views of the Monterey Bay. In glamorous Los Angeles with its celebrity studded Hollywood you will face hundreds of places to visit along with its crazy popular and weird Venice Boardwalk that keeps gathering the oddest crowds in the country: from fortunetellers to musicians, to street performers, the City of Angels keeps shocking its visitors. San Diego is also on the guides’ lists of the state’s hottest destinations with its ever so balmy weather all year round perfect for lounging at the beach and visiting San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. Visit cultural Balboa Park District in SD that boasts over 14 highly acclaimed museums on its territory for all tastes of guests.

The Pacific Northwest is one of the best outdoor playgrounds in the country for true nature lovers. The Washington State opens incredible mountain, desert and rugged coastline views. Perfect for outdoor activities, the State also boasts top attractions such as its Olympic National Park recognized as one of World Heritage Sights and Seattle City center, home to many annual outdoor festivals and cultural venues. Similar to Washington State, the State of Oregon also offers incredible outdoor vistas set at the backdrop of Cascade Mountains, high deserts and some of the rockiest coastlines among USA travel destinations.

Midwest is the heart of American farming and manufacturing industries, home to the famous area of Great Lakes. By all means, Chicago is the most popular travel destination in the Midwest and the biggest city boasting such a variety of cultural venues ranging from the Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo and, of course, its highly popular among shoppers Magnificent Mile having gathered just about any retailer and designer alive.

On the territory of Great Plains in South Dakota, you will be greeted by stately Mount Rushmore National Memorial that is presenting massive images of four American Presidents having been carved on the southeastern side of the Mountain. This memorial along with the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon are considered the top iconic landmarks in the United States of America virtually by all travel guides in the world.

In the snow-capped Rocky Mountains region there’s no shortage of skiing, mountain climbing and hiking in the great states of highly elevated Colorado, Idaho with its gorgeous volcanic vistas, Montana blessed with natural beauty and Wyoming, home to Yellowstone National Park.

Southwest region is the least populated areas of the United States characterized by vast prairies and hot deserts with incredible influences of Latino and Native American Indian culture. Here you will find some of the best natural attraction and landmarks. Grand Canyon in Arizona is named again and again the most popular attraction in the USA, one of the Seven Wonders of the World that is being visited by almost 5 million guests annually. This breathtaking canyon spans 277 miles across the State creating incredible viewing opportunities of immense beauty. New Mexico the ex Spanish colony showcases incredible heritage of this great nation with a myriad of fantastic architecture, culture and delicious cuisine especially in its capital Santa Fe. Many travelers come to associate the Silver State of Nevada with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the favorite American gambling hot spot, however, Las Vegas offers so much more in this completely man made paradise in the midst of the arid desert including immense entertainment venues, fantastic tours and dining options. Utah is America’s favorite outdoor playground where kids and adults alike can go hiking, biking, mountain hiking and so much more. The Beehive State is also known for the main Mormon Temple in America that stands on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

The Southern States of the country are blessed with great year round weather, truly southern hospitality, lively jazz and bluegrass music and their “stick to your ribs” down home cooking. Spanning from Arkansas, Tennessee and all the way west to the Atlantic shores of North Carolina and South Carolina, the USA’s South is the place to visit and cherish for years to come. Among the top Southern destinations visitors love party going Mardi Gras capital of New Orleans in Louisiana, Kentucky Derby Event in Louisville, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia – home to major USA’s companies headquarters and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial site.

Texas is so big that it deserves to be mentioned separately among its neighboring states. The fact that it is the second largest state in the country where everything is bigger and better indeed attracts millions of visitors annually seeking to explore its wilderness, get in touch with its Wild West cowboy culture and savor its great Tex-Mex Cuisine. In humid Houston the heat is on starting in April and it does not cool off till October. Among its attractions visitors will enjoy its highly popular NASA Johnson Space Center, Museum District and local Zoo; within a of couple of hours of driving visitors will find themselves near Texas resort town of Galveston overlooking the Gulf Coast with an incredible stretch of beaches and also serves as busy port for cruise industry. San Antonio is another popular destination in the Lone Star State, where visitors can mix and mingle in its cultural and historical Riverwalk district full of restaurants and social life but Alamo is perhaps the most important landmark one must pay a visit to due to its historical significance.

Florida is not only retirees’ heaven of America but a highly coveted destination for family beach travel. Indeed, the Sunshine State boasts over 600 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, some of them well developed and some untamed perfect for all tastes of travelers. The state is also a starting point for many cruising adventures and home to country’s best themed parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld in Orlando and Busch Gardens in Tampa. Sprawling from its Northern Panhandle Part all the way down to heavenly Florida Keys, the State is truly a vacationers’ paradise. Beyond its tropical paradise riches, the State flaunts its hip side in super chic Miami with its restaurants and nightclubs that are frequented by rich and famous and its beaches brimming with a bounty of good looking bodies glistening under the hot sun in Biscayne Bay. Orlando and Tampa are other highly popular cities you simply must include in your USA travel itinerary not only because of their theme parks but due to their great cultural vibes you get from the cities and a plethora of museums and galleries you will find here.

Hawaii is the Aloha state of America boasting a great deal of islands strewn around the emerald waters of the central Pacific region. America’s true paradise of immense proportions created to enjoy life by taking long walks along its gorgeous coastline, taking a dip in the warm waters of the ocean, going hiking along its volcano shaped cliffs and visiting historical Polynesian villages. Though there are over 19 islands total in Hawaii, the main tourism activity is centered on the 4 major islands. The Big Island is boasting one of the biggest tourism concentrations and its famous Hawaii Volcanoes National Park displaying its largest active volcano in the world. The capital of the State Honolulu is situated at the Oahu Island and its well known Waikiki Beach, one of the most sought out beaches on earth. Maui Island is boasting a rugged coastline and some of the best whale watching opportunities in Hawaii. The Kauai Island contains the highest concentration of natural wonders of all Hawaii that were formed due to active process of erosion, namely, its Hanalei Valley and Bay, Wailua and Opaekaa Falls. Beyond the paradise natural beauty of Hawaii, Pearl Harbor Historical tours are rather popular among travelers allowing them to go back to the 1941, one of the darkest days in the history of the US.

Alaska, the largest state, is vast, wild, cold and nevertheless beautiful. Separated from the main US territory by Canada, the state is one of the 2 remote US territories. Due to its remoteness, it is one of the most highly priced USA travel destinations. Despite its price tag and hours or even days on the road depending which areas in Alaska you wish to visit, one simply must come here at least once in a lifetime. From icy blue glaciers to brown bears feasting on plump Alaskan salmon, to breathtaking views of the Kenai Fjords National Park, to humpback whale watching adventures, the Last Frontier State offers some of the most unique travel USA experiences.

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