Visit Hawaii: Bishop Museum Facts, Hours and Exhibits

Bishop MuseumScience buffs or families looking for things to do in Honolulu Hawaii should not miss the Bishop Museum. Founded in 1889, the Bernice P. Bishop Museum is a home for extensive collections and exhibits of natural history and the history of Polynesian cultures.

Bishop Museum Facts

Bishop Museum in Hawaii is the largest of its kind in the entire world. It exists for one purpose, to preserve Hawaiian history and artifacts. It is the most distinguished institution of cultural and natural history. One trip to this museum will leave you awestruck. Hawaii’s rich culture and peoples are showcased in depth in the three floored Hawaiian hall, from pre-contact Hawaii to today. Also at the museum is a planetarium that shows the night sky as it is specific to Hawaii. Learn with hands-on exhibits in the Richard T. Mamiya Science Adventure Center, focusing on Hawaii’s environment. Educational demonstrations are also performed most days of the week, check the schedule for current shows.

These museum houses more than 24 million artifacts all acquired over 120 years, which makes this the one of the most special places to visit in Hawaii. They include more than 1.3 million artifacts of cultural importance. Each one represents Pacific Island and Native Hawaiian legacies over a century old.

In addition, there are also over 115,000 publications, including newspapers, magazines and other literature. They also have photographs, fine art, films, manuscripts, and audio recording. They have been kept in pristine condition. The natural history exhibits consist of more than 22 million different species of animal and plant life; they even have extinct specimens.

Bishop Museum Hours of Operation

Since this is one of the major Oahu tourist attractions, they try to keep the doors open at convenient hours. However, they do remain closed on Tuesdays. You can still plan your visit on any other day of the week, including Sundays. They only recognize one major national holiday, Christmas. They are open for all other holidays, which means, you can schedule your vacation anytime of the year. You can always find other attractions to see in Hawaii, on Tuesdays so you don’t have to waste a day.

Bishop Museum Exhibits

When you start thinking of things to do in Honolulu, Hawaii and decide on this museum, make sure you know which exhibits you want to see first, since it is so large. For example, the Richard T. Mamiya Science Adventure Center is over 16,000 square feet. You could easily spend the entire day there.

There’s also Hawaiian Hall, with three floors filled with legends, Hawaiian gods and more. You can also choose to see the Manu’unu’u ka Welolani exhibit, which proudly displays Hawaii’s Polynesian culture. Don’t forget to book your tour of Iolani Palace, while you’re there. This is truly a landmark worth seeing.