Visit Hungary: 5 Best Budapest Spa Locations

Budapest SpaA Budapest spa is known throughout the world as being the best of the best. Many seek them out for therapeutic reasons and others, just for relaxation. However, but no one seems to argue that they work, regardless of their purpose.

A day spent at a Budapest Spa where the natural spring water combined with essential minerals is something that your body will thank you for once you rise and begin to feel the effects.

For this reason, it is necessary that you find the best Budapest spa locations prior to your arrival in this exceptional country, especially since there are more than 50.

The best Budapest spa locations are right below:

1. Gellert Bath – The Hotel Gellert Budapest offers three types of pools and is the top choice of most foreign visitors. They have one sitting pool indoors by the swimming complex, one outside and even a children’s pool. The Thermal Bath offers healing facilities too. The water here is drawn from hot springs and includes magnesium, calcium and hydrogen-carbonate.

2. Szechenyi Bath – Szechenyi baths cater to a larger group of people and is more of an Artesian bath. Its beach setting combines a thermal section along with physiotherapy. The swimming section has a water filtration system that includes circulation devices. Many consider this to be a fancy bath due to the effervescence production and water back massage units in the sitting areas.

3. Dagaly Bath – Unlike some of the Budapest hotels that feature spas and Thermal baths, this one is simply a facility in itself. It has an adventure and wave pool as well as other activities in addition to the baths and spas. As for those, they offer underwater massages with jet propulsion, as well as 4 pools with circulation and filtration, a sitting pool for children, a teaching pool, and a thermal sitting pool.

4. Dandar Bath – This is a Thermal bath that has hot spring water with hydrogen-carbonate, calcium, sulphate-chloride and calcium. It is mostly for therapeutic purposes and helps with ailments like joint diseases, hernias, and acute arthritis.

5. Kiraly Bath – Some interesting things to do in Budapest include having a history lesson while bathing. Kiraly is filled with old and new construction and character. Originally built in 1565, with no hot water it was later severely damaged during WWII. In 1950, the Konig family renovated it and built it to complete luxury. The waters contain essential minerals like fluoride ions, sodium and calcium.