Visit Kauai: Waimea Canyon State Park Review

Waimea CanyonWaimea Canyon is one of the must see places in Kauai. It may only be 10 miles in length, but this gorge measures 3500 feet in depth and possess more beauty and exceptional sights than many state parks three times the size.

Waimea Canyon is the perfect place to visit when the sun is shining and the sky is clear. You will want to make sure the visibility is top notch because there are so many vibrant colors and hues that you could miss them if the day is cloudy.

When planning your day trip to Waimea Canyon State Park, give yourself at least 6 hours to take in the entire area. You are definitely going to want to dress appropriately, which includes lightweight clothing and rugged shoes. Make sure you bring plenty of water and high-protein snacks too.

Waimea Canyon hikes can be thrilling, but also exhausting and crowded, so try to get there early in the morning. If you arrive during the afternoon, it might be too late to really enjoy the beauty of the land. The appeal of this area is the serenity that can become spoiled by too many onlookers, loud children or barking dogs.

Once inside, try to make it to Waimea Canyon Lookout. The best views can be found here and you will want to take plenty of pictures. It’s always a good idea to find a place to park and do as much traveling on foot since the canyon road has huge potholes that can damage you vehicle.

The next spot in Waimea Canyon that deserves attention is Pu’u’ka pele. It overlooks the depths of the gorge where the sun hits the canyon and simply gleams brilliantly along the rolling hills and foliage. With the blue skies above, you will immediately feel refreshed. Far in the horizon are even more dramatic landscapes of pointing peaks, bluffs and buttes.

Forge ahead to the other great destination in Waimea Canyon, called Puu Hinahina. This is a fabulous spot where your eyes can literally drink in the surroundings and see something new each time. The middle of the view is the lush green valley and all around the rocks look as if they’ve been carved out and toasted by the sun. They vary in color from brilliant burnt orange to clay and amber.

If you prefer, you can arrange for one of the Kauai helicopter tours available that will give you a completely different perspective. Although you will still be in the same area, being that far in the air lets you see more in a shorter time.

You will soon find that of all of the things to do in Kauai, this is one deserves a spot in the top 10 of all time adventures for quite some time. You will leave feeling inspired and stimulated.

It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Hawaii because of the unobstructed views. There are few places where you can drive and hike and see such sights up close. You will be simply amazed once you realize that you are seeing sights that are actually 17 to 20 miles in distance.