Visit Maui: Haleakala Sunrise Tour Review

Haleakala Sunrise TourA Haleakala sunrise tour is the best way to begin your day and say good morning to this monster of a volcano. Since it is located on the beautiful island of Maui, you must spend at least one day embarking on this epic adventure.

While staying in Maui, you will find many ways to complete this task. For example, there are Maui helicopter tours that start out at the wee hours of the morning and can time the sunrise to the second. These are the most exciting because you will be in the air as the sun comes up and will have a fantastic view of the volcano.

However, there are other ways to experience a Haleakala sunrise tour that may not be as dramatic, but still be just as breathtaking. The way you choose to spend your morning is completely up to you and your budget.

A spectacular Haleakala sunrise Tour usually lasts about 7 hours and starts very early, while it still seems like the dead of night. It is also quite chilly so you will do best to dress accordingly. At times, the temperatures can dip to as low as 35 degrees, which is unusual for the tropics, but as you ascend the mountain, the temperatures change dramatically.

Once you leave your hotel and meet up with your group, the Haleakala sunrise tour begins. You will drive through the countryside, but since it’s still pretty dark, you won’t get to see much. Don’t worry; it will be worth it once you reach your destination. And anyone who has already experienced this tour will tell you it is one of the things to do in Maui that is incomparable.

As you take the 38 mile drive included in the Haleakala sunrise tour, your guide will give you a nice narration of the area and tell a few legendary tales, and especially those surrounding the Maui demigod who ancients believed tied a lasso around the sun.

You will enter through Haleakala National Park and head to Pu’u’ula’ula Overlook and bear witness to the glorious rising of the morning sun while it slowly peaks across Mt. Haleakala’s summit. From there you will dine on a gourmet breakfast at a top restaurant and then spend the remaining portion of your day exploring the park.

If you so choose, you can arrange for an extra special treat that many opt for. It is called the Haleakala sunrise bike tour and it includes everything previously mentioned, but instead of taking a van or bus ride back down the mountain, you will leave the overlook and hop onto a mountain bike and ride down. It is not too difficult because there is a fairly even path. It’s the best way to get a full view of your surroundings, especially since it was dark when you rode up.

Regardless as to whether you choose a standard sunrise tour or one that includes mountain bikes, you will certainly remember your trip to Maui and the thrill you felt when as you watched the sunrise over the horizon.