Wenceslas Square Hotels Review

Wenceslas SquareWenceslas Square offers many different hotels, as well as a number of attractions for locals and visitors both. Although this square was built in the 1300s by King Charles IV of Czechoslovakia, and the original intention of the square was to act as stables. Today Wenceslas Square is known as the place that never sleeps, and many Prague tours include a stop by the square for their tour guests. No matter what your budget is you will find cheap hotels in Prague, but many of the hotels located in the square are luxury models, and some can be pricey.

The Hotel Elysee offers a four star rating and 64 rooms, and it is located right in Wenceslas Square. Another four star choice is the Christie Hotel, although this option is not right in the square but is very close. A five minute walk from Wenceslas Square will allow you to choose from hundreds of hotels and Prague apartments, and one of these is the Caesars Palace Hotel. Although not directly in the square, this hotel is very conveniently located and offers clean rooms and a modern appeal to many visitors who stay here. It is possible to find hotels within almost all price ranges and star ratings in Prague.

Other hotel choices if you want to stay in Wenceslas Square include the Adria Hotel, as well as a variety of other lodging options. Many hotels are conveniently located between the square, which is located in the new town section, and Prague old town. Some of the hotels in Prague may allow your accommodations to be combined with tours of the Prague castle and other historical sites around the area, and even if this pairing is not possible the hotel can be a terrific home base for your explorations. Whether you want a luxurious stay that pampers you, a cheap room that only provides the basics, or something in between you can find it in this area of Prague without any difficulty.