Whale Watching in Hawaii Fun Facts

Whale Watching in HawaiiWhale watching in Hawaii is perhaps one of the most thrilling activity you and your family can embark on helping your learn more fun facts about Humpback whales and their habitat.

Did you know that Humpbacks are extremely curious mammals and may come really closely to a boat to examine it? And that is not it, some Humpback Whale watching enthusiasts even experienced so called whale mugging behavior that is expressed by whales swimming right under a boat virtually immobilizing it. All whale watching in Hawaii expeditions must strictly adhere to a 100 yard minimum rule and can not come closer than this distance. Whales, on the other hand, do not adhere to any rules and may move as close as they see fit.

Whale watching in Hawaii tours never cease to amaze travelers at how active these whales might get by jutting out of the water at jet speeds and head spinning heights. Do you know the purpose of this act? Scientists still can not agree what this type of behavior means exactly, some think it stands for whales’ aggression, others believe there’s no real purpose and Humpbacks do this simply for fun.

Why do whales travel to Hawaii starting in November is another interesting whale watching in Hawaii question frequently asked by tourists. Well, when Alaskan feeding season is over and the water temperatures start dipping low, Humpback whales travel almost 4,500 miles to reach the shores of Hawaii where they can mate, give birth and frolic in the inviting Hawaiian waters.

Dolphin and whale watching is definitely worth trying especially for travelers with children that can learn lots and lots of interesting facts about behavior and natural habitat of these amazing ocean mammals.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii is another favorite among Hawaii popular tourist activities to try out.

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