Why Do People Want To Touch The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem?

The Wailing Wall JerusalemPraying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem has been a Jewish tradition for hundreds if not thousands of years. This Jewish custom allows people to pray at the wall as it is recognized that it is the closest point to the Holy of Holies or the holiest room of the old temple. For this reason, a Jerusalem Pilgrimage takes place throughout the year as people flock to the Wailing Wall to pray.

Jews arrive from all over the world to pray at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Many visitors write their prayers on a piece of paper and stick them into the cracks on the wall. Most men wear a hat or yarmulke to show their respect and women cover their shoulders if bare. While at the Wall, you may hear the cries and wails of people lamenting over the loss of their temple which now houses a Muslim mosque. This is one of the reasons why the area is referred to as the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem.

While on a tour to Jerusalem there are several points of interest that should not be missed including the Rockefeller Museum of Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall. When visiting the wall there are several things to remember. Visitors will be checked by security, body frisks and bag searches are customary. Visitors are to dress appropriately, no shorts or tanks, and remember that this area is a place of worship and prayer thus acting in reverence is a must. This location is almost always included in your Christian Holy Land tours and visits.

The Western or Wailing Wall is also referred to by Jewish residents as the Kotel, and is the last portion of King Solomon’s magnificent temple. The wall is located just outside the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem is considered today to be one of Judaism’s holiest sites.