Wild Wadi Water Park Vacation Review

Wild Wadi Water ParkLocated in Jumeirah, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Wild Wadi Water Park is popular with the city’s residents and tourists from all over the country. The park is situated next to many of the hotels on Jumeirah Beach and provides an adventurous way to beat the Arabian heat. The park is large and offers a wide variety of rides to choose from and its growing popularity keeps visitors coming back year after year.

The Wild Wadi Water Park offers its guests over 30 rides ranging from family friendly to fifty mile per hour and one hundred foot drops. Visitors will never grow bored while visiting this park especially when combined with their Jumeirah Beach holidays. The park is full service and boasts three restaurants, two snack stands, and a gift shop stocked with Wild Wadi Water Park souvenirs. Tee shirts, post cards, and memorabilia are all available in the park’s gift shop and the store offers as much as many of the gift shops found in area hotels on Jumeirah Beach.

The park opens early and tickets become discounted at dusk. Outdoor lights are available for riders to continue water sliding even when the sun goes down. Overall ticket prices are reasonable and packages are available for families making the Wild Wadi Water Park one of the more cost effective and budget friendly tourist attractions available in the area.

Of the most popular ride choices available at the park is the Jumeirah Sceirah, the tallest and fastest water slide outside North America. Riders gain a speed of 50 miles per hour and plummet over 100 feet while traveling down this water slide. It is clear to see why the lines can get heavy but staff does a great job at keeping the line moving and getting riders situated in an efficient manner. For fun and adventure, Wild Wadi has it all.