Yosemite National Park Tours For Seniors – Which One To Consider?

Yosemite National Park ToursThere are a number of Yosemite National Park tours and many cater just to seniors. But, which one should you consider? Well, it really depends on your level of adventure and ability to keep up. Physical exertion can be a challenge for older people, however, this doesn’t mean you cannot be included.

Find the best Yosemite National Park tours to suit your individual needs and you should be able to enjoy yourself, even if you can’t scale a waterfall anymore. In fact, some of the waterfalls are not as difficult to access, so maybe you won’t have to check this off your list either.

Think about the number of things to do at Yosemite and match them with your interests. This should help narrow the field a bit. Once you have a good idea of the main attractions, you can begin to decide if you are up for the challenge.

A very popular tour, called the Yosemite Insider Experience is perfect for seniors. It lasts 3 days and 2 nights and includes lodging at one of the Yosemite National Park hotels, the Yosemite Lodge. Included in the tour is a 2-day trip through Yosemite Valley where exploration begins.

Views of the waterfalls surround you and stories of the native Ahawahneechee Indians astound you. This is perhaps the best part of any of the Yosemite National Park tours, just knowing the history of the area and maybe even catching a glimpse of artifacts and drawings.

Another tour is the Hiker’s Tour. In one day, you can partake in the Yosemite backpacking trails. The hotel will even pack you a fabulous lunch, just for the two of you.

The Yosemite National Park tours for seniors can also include something for golfers, since they have a full 18-hole course on the premises. The Wawona Full Swing Golf tour is very relaxing.

Finally, the most spectacular of all the tours for seniors is the Paddleboat Tour, offered by Curry Village Recreation Center. The three-mile Yosemite white water rafting trip takes you down the river in comfort and style. Along the way, you make stops at sand bars where you can enjoy lunch as you soak up the sunshine. You can even do a little exploring.