Zion National Park Lodging Review

Zion National Park LodgingFinding appropriate Zion National Park lodging really depends on your own personal choices. You can find plenty of places with deluxe accommodations, or campgrounds where you can sleep outdoors. It’s up to what you want to do and how much you are willing to spend.

The Best Western Zion Thunderbird Lodge is perfect for families and couples. It is extremely peaceful and is often compared to a vacation paradise because of the views of the White Cliffs and startling green pastures. It even has a golf course.

The privacy factor is bumped up a level to expose balconies and patios where you can enjoy your breakfast while overlooking the beauty of the Southwest and since the lodge is located on the eastern part of Zion National Park, you will be in the center of all of the attractions.

There are other places to find lodging and accommodations directly outside of the park. In fact, there are a number of hotels near Zion National Park, like the Driftwood Lodge and the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens. Both are very well kept and offer great views.

The Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens provides you with a riverfront and more than 5 acres of foliage to gaze upon. While the Driftwood Lodge has views of the most interesting rock formations your eyes have ever seen. The rooms are spacious and airy with balconies or patios for private dining, which make both of these Zion National Park lodging options an excellent choice.

Some of the Zion National Park lodging choices, like the Canyon Ranch Motel are very simple in appearance, but are oozing with charm and simplicity. These cottages provide the most intimate settings for large families and even allow pets on the premises.

Your hotels or cabins should be close enough for you to reach the park in time to participate in any of the Zion National Park tours without having to rush, so keep this in mind when you are making your selection.

As you can see from this review, the Zion National Park lodging choices are pretty varied, but if you plan accordingly, you shouldn’t have too many problems deciding where to spend your nights; either under the stars or in a luxury suite.

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