Zion National Park Tours – Which One To Choose?

Zion National Park ToursHow do you know which of the Zion National Park tours are best for you? There are so many different types to choose from so you really need to decide how you want to spend your time while you visit. If you are the adventurous type, you may prefer hiking or rock-climbing. However, if you are more laid back and relaxed, something like a driving tour may be your speed.

Regardless of your interests, the Zion National Park tours are all geared towards the natural wonders you won’t see anywhere but here. If your plans involve the children, make sure you find tours that they can participate in without feeling overwhelmed.

Driving tours include riding in a luxury utility vehicle that picks you up from your hotel and because the Zion National Park lodging options are all relatively close to the entrance of the park, you won’t spend hours driving to your destination.

Instead, a short ride will lead you to the adventure of a lifetime. You can marvel at the plateaus, mesas and sandstone walls, while relaxing in an air-conditioned vehicle. Pass by the Great Arch of Zion and admire the brilliant colors of orange, red, tan and gold. One tour, called the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is most enjoyable during the spring and fall months.

Zion National Park backpacking tours require permits, so be sure to take care of this before you arrive. Once there, you can explore the West Rim and Parunuweap Canyon. You will have direct access to the Virgin River and if you are very quiet, perhaps get a glimpse of some of the natural wildlife that calls this area of Zion home.

While Zion National Park hikes to places like the Narrows and the Ponderosa can take you into the intimate settings where all kinds of wildlife can be spotted. Be careful to wear appropriate footwear and watch out for snakes during the extremely warm months.

You can combine your Zion National Park tours with backpacking and hiking by visiting Kolob Canyon. This is the perfect spot to enjoy the scenery while you eat lunch perched on top of one of the stationary rock formations.

When you start preparing for your Zion National Park tours, always think about the time of year you will be traveling. The state of Utah can be treacherous in the summer and winter because of the heat and rain. This can put a damper on your trip in a hurry.

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